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Open House

The Forest Preschool Program

18 months Hybrid Classrooms and 2 years and older Forest Classrooms.

Monte Tavor’s Naturalist Outdoor Program is evolving into its first Forest Preschool Program. It will be a nature-based forest program that bridges the gap between a 100% forest program and a setback one.

Experience our Hybrid Classrooms that offer a unique blend of indoor and outdoor learning environments, check out a See-Through Attic, and hike to the Forest Classroom.

This new program will bring us back to being more nature-oriented and expand our current Naturalist Outdoor Educational Program. Children will continue to be challenged with one of the multiple intelligences on how children learn, as described by Howard Gardner and his whole approach and inquiry on the multiple intelligences.

Monte Tavor Hybrid Classroom
Monte Tavor Extended Deck
Monte Tavor Extended Play Space

The Curriculum

This program will touch on the gardener side of learning, the outdoor kid, and the nature-based learner. However, the current curriculum will remain the same. Children’s learning will still include literature, writing, reading, math, science concepts, and nature at its natural state for observation and exploration.

Come and learn about the activities and materials that will include painting and drawing using more organic types of paints (e.g., using flowers, herbs, and plant-based paint), as well as hammocks, safari gear, dramatic play (which will mostly take place at base camp in the covered spaces), music in the woods, and dance on the extended deck (1,500 square feet).

Visit our website below to learn more about this new, exciting concept!
Visit our regular preschool programs that also offer a naturalist approach to learning designed for Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at our Bayo, Skyline, or Laguna sites.

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Monte Tavor Hybrid Classroom
Monte Tavor Hybrid Classroom
Monte Tavor Hybrid Classroom

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